Wellspring Wellspring
Wellspring Wellspring
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A Typical Bundle

Additional information

Lightsource: (A) ACMI                                               Instrument Ends: ACMI (F) 
Lightwource: (A0) ACMI/OLYMPUS                            Instrument Ends: ACMI/CLIP ON (FC)
Lightsource: (W) WOLF DYONICS                             Instrument: (FS) ACMI SWIVEL
Lightsource: (WX) WOLF EXTENDED                         Instrument: (A) ACMI MALE
Lightsource: (S) KARL STORZ (5.0 max. Bundle DIA.) Instrument: (D) DESIGNS FOR VISION     
Lightsource: (O) OLYMPUS                                       Instrument: (ORF) OLYMPUS RETRACTABLE
Lightsource: (P) Pilling (35 Max. bundle DIA.)              Instrument: (P) PILLING
Lightsource: (D) DESIGNS FOR VISION                     Instrument: (S) KARL STORZ OLYMPUS 5.0 maxBundle DIA.)
Lightsource: (M) MACHIDA                                        Instrument: (W) WOLF DYONICS EDER
Lighthsource: (PA) PENTAX                                      Instrument: (OXW) WOLF DYONICS CLIP
Lightsource: (U) UNIVERSAL                                    Instrument: (SCH) SCHOLLY
Lightsource: (Z) ZEISS                                              Instrument: (U) UNIVERSAL
                                                                               Instrument: (Z) ZEISS

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